We break down our courses into manageable pieces for people to accomplish on their way to taking charge of their own lives. Overall, The Medical Aesthetics and Laser Technician course is a 5-week program consisting of 4 weeks of online classes and a 1 week practicum. The course consists of 4 modules.

Take the First Step In Changing Your Life

This is module 1: Hair and Skin. This where you start your journey to change your life.

Become a licensed professional

Complete the program and begin your new career as a medical aesthetics professional in only 5 weeks.

Join a lasting community

Amber provides continuous mentorship and a network of professionals to provide support in your new practice.

Be your own boss

In addition to medical aesthetics, this course provides the entrepreneurial skills to set up and run your own business.

Canadian Laser Institute founder Amber Cameron

Meet Amber Cameron

Amber Cameron is one of Canada's leading instructors and lecturers on medical aesthetics and cosmetic injections. She is also a successful entrepreneur and business coach for her alumni. Professionals, nurses, doctors and entrepreneurs-to-be come from around Canada to study with Amber.

Course Curriculum

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