About Canadian Laser Institute: Advanced Medical Aesthetics Training

Canadian Laser Institute is where people from all backgrounds come to learn laser techniques, Botox injections, dermal fillers, cool sculpting and more. But most importantly, people come to us because we teach it right the first time. And, when you go through our courses, you not only get certification...you also get a community and the confidence that launches you ahead of everyone else and propels you towards success.

Amber Cameron holding vile of botox and showing student

1 on 1 & Small Group Medical Aesthetics Training

We do not teach in such large groups that you're peering over dozens of people and only have a few moments with a patient. The Canadian Laser Institute teaches students 1 on 1 and in small groups for maximum learning. What sets us apart from other places is that we focus on equipping students with the proper information and skill set needed to thrive in the medical aesthetics industry. 

Our History

Amber Cameron is a registered nurse. In 20XX, after finding herself alone raising a two-year old, decided to take her life and future into her own hands. She took her savings and signed up for a medical aesthetics training course in the States. When she came back to Canada, she discovered that the American training didn't apply to Canada and she had to take her training all over again. She decided then and there -- to not let that happen to another soul.

She started in the Canadian Laser Institute in 2010 to ensure students learning medical aesthetics, cosmetic lasers and cosmetic injections got the best training, the best mentorship and the best business advice to set them up for lifelong success.

Instructor Amber Cameron Teaching